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Kaizenya aims to bring the best and tastiest Japanese frozen food to customers in Singapore.


We work closely with our supplier, which has been in the market supplying to Japanese restaurants and supermarkets for more than 3 years, to bring some of these products straight to you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

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Sake Mama

We connect you with the fascinating realm of premium Japanese artisanal Sakes, Craft Beers, Wines & Shochu.

Microbreweries, distilleries & wineries scattered across the vast Japanese archipelago produce limited quantities of exceptionally crafted sakes, wines, shochu & beers. 

Brewing approaches & the use of local and seasonal produce (malt, rice, fruits) unique to each region and prefecture bring about inventive nuances to established beer styles & sakes varietals.

Through our nomadic adventures, we have secured limited allocation with several highly acclaimed microbreweries and we are proud to showcase craft brews which have until now, never been available outside Japan.

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L'hotel du Lac

A premium resort and luxury experience with the all-inclusive plan. Enjoy quality time on the shores of Lake Okubiwako.

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Yn Wynn

Ye Naing Wynn is a landscape, nature and travel photographer based in Singapore and Myanmar. He's an avid traveller and globetrotter with his footprints on the planet ranging from Greenland and Iceland in north, Chile and Argentina in south west, China, Japan and New Zealand in the east. His speciality leans towards the natural and rugged landscapes of unique terrains and exotic destinations on earth but he's also passionate in capturing cityscapes, cultural travelscapes or iconic landmarks during his explorations.

If you'd like to view his extensive gallery of images or buy unique wall art prints, please visit his website.

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