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Our Services

We are valued for our sensitivity to emerging trends, for our reliable, professional and personal service in the following areas:-


Market Adaptation, Exploration and Evaluation

The Asian market we focus on is unique in its offerings, tastes and culture. A market-oriented and culturally-sensitive approach is key to the success of any new business. In your exploratory stages, before you enter the Asian market, we can provide short-term consultancy, evaluate your company and its offerings, and help you discover the appropriate adjustments required, ensuring a sure-footed entry point.

To succeed in the Asian market, products, services and organisation must be culturally contextualised. With our expertise, insights, knowledge and strong networks, we can help you adapt your offerings to the widely varied cultural contexts of Asia, by providing:


  • Hands-on consultation on how to make your business Asian-friendly, and Asian-market-ready

  • Assessment of your business and recommendations for necessary adjustments in your organisation

  • Training of staff and management for adaptation and success in the Asian market

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Sales Representation

  • Sales activities in key market segment

  • Sales trips and road shows throughout key market segment

  • Representation at key trade shows

  • Familiarisations trips

  • Training and presentation to enhance product knowledge

  • Generate FIT and GIT leads

  • Regular sales report and communication with partners

  • Contracting and negotiation

  • Networking and nurturing alliance with partners

  • Database management

  • Media and consumer newsletters 

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